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Hunch: A New Social Networking Tool?

I read an article about Caterina Fake, the founder of Flickr, in the current August 2010 edition of Wired that offers an interesting look at where the web is heading. It is a must read for designers/developers because it is describing the process of learning more about everyone, so that web services can better target specific users, and give better services. What you want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service is an interesting story of a person deeply engaged in web technologies, and one who focuses on connecting people to one another, which is what interested me the most. Her success with Flickr, using it as a tool to provide social networking for its users, was an intriguing step at the time. Now she is teamed with Chris Dixon who had created Hunch, and needed someone who could “ask the right questions”, to move the project forward. You may be concerned about their approach, but it is unique and seems to be breaking new ground, hopefully in a positive direction.

See the site yourself at http://hunch.com. I am not recommending that you join or participate, but do look around and see what it is about.

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