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IMUG – A Campus User Group for WDIM students

July 13, 2010 2 comments

There is an excellent opportunity to get to know other students in the Web Design & Interactive Media User Group – called “IMUG”. The group meets today (Tuesdays) at 12:30 in Room 320. Everyone is invited, and this is where you find more senior students (upper level, mid levels, etc) who can become great friends to guide you through the program! At least show up today and see what you think!

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Researching Web 2.0

July 13, 2010 1 comment

The first assignment for Fundamentals of IMD is to research the term Web 2.0. A classic reference to the term was an early 2005 paper by Tim O’Reilly, the publisher of O’Reilly books. This paper is a great starting point for learning about Web 2.0, but not the only one. Research the term in Google and/or other search engines and report what you have learned in your blog. You can place links to the three articles at the beginning or end of your posts, or place it in the context of the post.


Web 2.0

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