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iLeonardo Research Notebook

September 1, 2008 3 comments

I learned of a new tool for researching topics of interest from the article about 12 Notebooks. It is and I just received my invite to join the service from Joshua Rosen, founder and CEO of I did some work with it and created a notebook (usually on one topic – as you can have many notebooks) on Social networking in education and searched a couple of others interested in the same topic among others. I spent the next hour or so browsing others selected articles and blogs and had to make myself quit. The idea is to combine social networking and research. You create notebooks about your research topics, and you can search ileonardo users for any who are researching the same topic. Basically, you share your research and others work in a wonderful open community of some pretty serious folk. I had no problem finding other members interested in topics I am interested in. While this is a new service there are already enough members to make the social aspect worthwhile.

Then there is the notebook. You save your work, resources, articles, blogs, in your library for that notebook. You create pages in the notebook, with images and other media possibilities, and you have a bookmarklet to save anything you find – even highlighted words on a website, into your notebook page.

So far this is one of the more interesting new social software I have seen in a while. I plan on participating enough to offer my work on several topics, and see how the community develops. I invite you to visit and see what you think. The URL above opens to a video that explains the concept.

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12 Notebook Tools for research

September 1, 2008 Leave a comment

One of the most valuable tools for your learning environment is a digital notebook tool that is capable of capturing practically any digital file, image, video, or other type of presentation. has an excellent review of 12 notebook tools that should help you in choosing one of these tools for your personal needs. If you want to find new ways to manage information you choose to capture, this type of tool may be of value to your arsenal.

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