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WordCamp Dallas

March 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Today was the first day of WordCamp Dallas which began with the release of WordPress 2.5 and an introduction to its new features by Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress. This is a major release with a totally reworked administrative area and a greatly enhanced ability to manage images with a gallery function. The WordPress website is totally new also, featuring a simpler, more effective interface that gets right to the point.

I have been working with the new version for several days now (it has been available in a pre-release testing format) and it is an exciting product which is much more efficient and yet more sophisticated. It is easy to get used to the simpler menus and the great new writing section. So far my new blog is only operating on my development environment on my laptop, but it should be ready to go in a few more days.

There is another full day of presentations Sunday (March 30) with registration beginning at 9:30 am. Check the site for details if you have time to attend. The participants are leaders in blogging and bring a lot of experience to share with those who are new and beginning bloggers. There should be room for anyone to attend Sunday if they show up for registration.

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WordCamp Dallas Reminder

March 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Just a reminder to all bloggers that the fantastic WordCamp Dallas event is coming March 29 – 30, here in Frisco, Tx and the two day event is only $20. I am already registered and looking forward to the informal conference which already has some well known bloggers participating as well as Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress. This is an outstanding opportunity to grow your blogging community and meet some dedicated users and developers.

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Free places to learn online

March 16, 2008 1 comment

More than 100 free places to learn online is an interesting collection of informal and formal learning, from how to make a hooded shirt to university courses from major universities involved in the Open Courseware project. Anyone could find something they are interested in with this collection. From Jeff Cobb’s Mission to Learn blog.

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