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Week 4 – No class but….

There are no classes January 29th (Tuesday – all day), due to AID all staff meetings,  but I will expect you to work on the assignments as usual. The article for you to read is Stephen Downes’ “How to be Heard“. This is a longish paper, but an important one in that Downes clearly describes what it takes to become a regular and good blog contributor. When we get back to class you will download another WordPress blog to your own web server hosting account (provided by the school). The purpose of this “personal blog” is for you to decide what you really would like to blog about on a regular basis, and this will become your contribution to the “collective intelligence” we have discussed in class.

As we learned with Multiple Intelligences, not everyone is equipped with natural talent for writing, but we all have something that we are very interested in, that we can contribute our opinions about, and that will be a gift to the collective intelligence. But more important, it is a vital part of becoming a more self-directed learner, as you participate in sharing your ideas, and receive feedback from others about what they think about your ideas. This is an opportunity for you to expand your awareness of this process and to learn about this type of participation and what it adds to your learning process.

There are two documents in the Week 4 assignment that will guide you in setting up your web hosting on your AID OLS system where you receive receive your grades. Your OLS login information should be on the back side of your student ID tag. We will do this in class Week 5, but if any of you feel comfortable trying it out from the instructions, please go ahead and get it done. Installing WordPress on your server when it is running, is covered in the documentation section of wordpress.org. Look for the “5min install” instructions.

Also, I just noticed that all of the class website pages were incorrectly pointing to the wrong “News” link which is this weblog. They are now all corrected to point to “fundamentals.wordpress.com”.

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