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Some thoughts on the future of the web

January 26, 2008 Leave a comment

There were a lot of predictions for the web in 2008 that always arrive with the coming of a new year. I read several with no reaction, but then Brian Suda’s “What to expect in 2008” came to my attention and I had some reaction.

The Facebook discussion seems accurate, but I was more interested in the fact that blogs may be the next level of social networking and that social networking may be in the process of being more attractive and alive with meaning. People sharing their ideas is perhaps richer than compiling lists of friends trying to impress or attract more friends.

Pull is dead was interesting because I am very involved with pull technologies such as aggregation of blogs for my research. The technical aspects of push related to federated systems and saving bandwidth makes sense and this is an advance in how networks will evolve. But more interesting is the concept of social networks having centralized spaces where integration between various systems can come together. This would make networking much simpler and everyone could use whatever system they enjoyed.

It’s a bird, well yes, mobile is where we are heading, probably faster than we realize. The iPhone is the tip of the iceberg, and everyone is trying to become the iceberg! This will be an explosive area. So what’s it really like designing for all these new types of devices we will have to send our communications out on.

Working offline may be a trend with the development of cross-platform/cross-application widgets that run on the desktop as well as online components seem to be growing. It is also obvious that we don’t really need all that expensive software because there are great productivity products on the web, and the storage is free and always accessible wherever you are.
So this is a tossup for you to figure out how you want to work. Online has some interesting collaborative features, not to mention cost savings both in having available open source applications, as well as having less need for local storage. All this is happening when hard drives are hitting the terabyte range and the prices will be very small.

These predictions or projections perhaps, cause one to think about the options for work and play. A lot of tools and new technologies will continue to evolve and users and learners will have opportunities to improve their processes and expand their tool base to be more efficient and productive.

So what are your choices? How do you react to all the new technologies out there and what ones are important to you? Is there some product or process that you are waiting impatiently for? Do you envision any other new technologies that you would like to see or perhaps create yourself?

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Week 4 – No class but….

January 26, 2008 Leave a comment

There are no classes January 29th (Tuesday – all day), due to AID all staff meetings,  but I will expect you to work on the assignments as usual. The article for you to read is Stephen Downes’ “How to be Heard“. This is a longish paper, but an important one in that Downes clearly describes what it takes to become a regular and good blog contributor. When we get back to class you will download another WordPress blog to your own web server hosting account (provided by the school). The purpose of this “personal blog” is for you to decide what you really would like to blog about on a regular basis, and this will become your contribution to the “collective intelligence” we have discussed in class.

As we learned with Multiple Intelligences, not everyone is equipped with natural talent for writing, but we all have something that we are very interested in, that we can contribute our opinions about, and that will be a gift to the collective intelligence. But more important, it is a vital part of becoming a more self-directed learner, as you participate in sharing your ideas, and receive feedback from others about what they think about your ideas. This is an opportunity for you to expand your awareness of this process and to learn about this type of participation and what it adds to your learning process.

There are two documents in the Week 4 assignment that will guide you in setting up your web hosting on your AID OLS system where you receive receive your grades. Your OLS login information should be on the back side of your student ID tag. We will do this in class Week 5, but if any of you feel comfortable trying it out from the instructions, please go ahead and get it done. Installing WordPress on your server when it is running, is covered in the documentation section of Look for the “5min install” instructions.

Also, I just noticed that all of the class website pages were incorrectly pointing to the wrong “News” link which is this weblog. They are now all corrected to point to “”.

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Personal Learning Environments

January 17, 2008 Leave a comment

The paper for this weeks reading and responses (week 2) is Graham Atwell’s Personal Learning Environments located at:

You will find a lot of additional reading about PLE’s so look for other information that helps you understand the concepts.

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WordCamp Dallas 2008

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

A unique opportunity for IMD students (and others) is the WordCamp Dallas event to be held in Frisco Saturday, March 29 – Sunday, March 30, 2008. WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress users where they “teach, learn, eat, drink and generally have fun with one another.” There have been dozens of these events throughout the world and this is the first opportunity for the Dallas/Ft.Worth area! The cost is $20 and there will be coffee and munchies, lunch, and t-shirts to take home. The event will be held at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center in Frisco, Texas. To register and learn more about the gathering visit the website at

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IMUG Winter 08

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

The Interactive Media Design User Group will be meeting on Tuesdays at 5:00 in room 320. All Fundamentals students are encouraged to participate in the IMUG meetings and projects to meet other students in the program as well as projects and on-site visits to design studios.

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Win 08 class has begun

January 8, 2008 1 comment

Everyone please check the Win 08 links at the bottom of the right column. If you do not see your name, I do not have a correct and working WordPress blog for you yet. Please email me with your blog address as soon as you get it up or email me if you are having problems.

Article links:

O’Reilly Web 2.0: 

Robinsons  Recipe: 

One thing I failed to discuss in class today: it is very important for the blog responses be posted no later than Friday by noon of each week. In order for you to be able to comment on others blog posts, there must be time for everyone to respond to your post, so please post no later than Friday noon.

Please email me if you are having problems with the weblog setup. Give me the information where you got stopped, what were you doing, etc.

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