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Blogging experiences

In my experience blog authoring has a direct relationship to blog reading. It is really all about finding information that I need or am interested in. There is no other reason for surfing blogs. As I discover new sources of information that interests me, I subscribe to it through an aggregator. I am learning to distinguish between information that interests me now, and information that I want to find easily when I need it. This means both a process of organizing my subscriptions into collections about a topic or area of interest and keeping my primary subscriptions where I review them for new material often (usually 2 or 3 times a week) or keeping a separate aggregator for my top concerns and interests. Too many subscriptions lead to less activity because there is too much to work through quickly.

Aggregated resources are my main basis of content for authoring my blogs. It is impossible for me to cruise the titles of articles in my aggregator and not find something of interest. And in that process of scanning and reading, I find things I want to share with others or which I want to add to and reflect on. For me it is usually a learning experience, something new that was inspired by someone’s idea in a blog entry. The main work of blogging for me, is building and maintaining subscriptions to important blogs. Then having something to say is easy!

It is also important to link to your sources. This is the key to letting bloggers know that you were interested in their words and provided a link for your readers to their blog. That is a simple courtesy as well as a way to help others build traffic, as well as your own. I always respect my sources of inspiration and make sure that my readers find a link to their work.

Also check out the list of 100 blogs on the Webstuff2 site.

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