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Personal experiences of blogging

October 29, 2007 Leave a comment

I discovered blogs while a graduate student taking online courses. Most of my courses required reading a couple of articles on the topic at hand, or sometimes a book or journal article or two. The assignment required responding to the readings, and to support your response it was required that you find at least two other articles that supported your response. Fortunately, I discovered blog authors that were writing about the topics and the world of blogs became instantly relevant. Shortly after that, I discovered content aggregators and a way of saving enormous amounts of time by collecting the best blog authors in one application that did all the work of updating the blogs and giving me organized ways of finding new information for my studies. I would not have survived without these new tools and the process they allowed me to develop. I also started my own blog and communicated with a lot of educational technologist who were interested in the same issues as I was. There was a community of learning designers and people with experience in new technologies that kept me learning and growing. It still is happening today, as I have become a part of this professional group that keeps me engaged in my industry and its participants.

Along the way I discovered that I was doing things differently. As I went to find resources for my assignments, I found new types of information that interested me. As I wrote and responded to other’s blogs, I got feedback and gave it. I found out about a new concept in education called “learning objects” which became a focus of my studies for several years. In that process, I also discovered something about myself. I enjoyed discovery. It was my interests that I persued, not the teachers. I was on a journey that I directed and it was rich and meaningful to me. I discovered that I could read an exciting idea and then generate a lot of additional ideas from the inspiration. It was a key that unlocked a traditional process of doing what teachers expected of me, and instead doing what I was driven and passionate about. I became a self-directed learner and never looked back.

So are all these assignments and ventures into new technologies just to keep you frustrated? I hope not. I hope you also will discover what tools and processes will be meaningful for you. As Jay Cross and Clark Quinn said that as more organizations compete on knowledge and learning the winners will be those whose employees learned how to improve their learning. “They will learn about learning and in the process they will learn about themselves.”

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Do you need a reason to blog? or not?

October 29, 2007 1 comment

I don’t usually respond to lists such as this one but after reading a few I realized it may be helpful to new bloggers to see that they are not the only ones with that overwhelmed feeling about blogs. Yuilus Hamlim offers these survey results forTop 10 reasons why people Blog and don’t, for your evolution!

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Blogging experiences

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In my experience blog authoring has a direct relationship to blog reading. It is really all about finding information that I need or am interested in. There is no other reason for surfing blogs. As I discover new sources of information that interests me, I subscribe to it through an aggregator. I am learning to distinguish between information that interests me now, and information that I want to find easily when I need it. This means both a process of organizing my subscriptions into collections about a topic or area of interest and keeping my primary subscriptions where I review them for new material often (usually 2 or 3 times a week) or keeping a separate aggregator for my top concerns and interests. Too many subscriptions lead to less activity because there is too much to work through quickly.

Aggregated resources are my main basis of content for authoring my blogs. It is impossible for me to cruise the titles of articles in my aggregator and not find something of interest. And in that process of scanning and reading, I find things I want to share with others or which I want to add to and reflect on. For me it is usually a learning experience, something new that was inspired by someone’s idea in a blog entry. The main work of blogging for me, is building and maintaining subscriptions to important blogs. Then having something to say is easy!

It is also important to link to your sources. This is the key to letting bloggers know that you were interested in their words and provided a link for your readers to their blog. That is a simple courtesy as well as a way to help others build traffic, as well as your own. I always respect my sources of inspiration and make sure that my readers find a link to their work.

Also check out the list of 100 blogs on the Webstuff2 site.

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Personal Weblog list

October 27, 2007 Leave a comment

There are only a few new personal weblog sites that have been sent to me so far, please email me with your address if you get this message. Here are the ones I have heard from:

Chris Kee

Jazmin Cordova


Andrew Callander



Daniel Willyam

Litecia Sanchez

Enrique Espinoza

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Fun(damentals) and Games!

October 17, 2007 Leave a comment

My favorite blogger colleague, Stephen Downes, provided this wonderful link to a “learning game” – awe heck, it just fun and addictive! Give it a try but not when you are about to get your homework and posting done!

Yes, it really is from a science museum – located in the United Kingdom.

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Additions to Fall’07 Blogroll

October 17, 2007 Leave a comment

The weblog address for Andrew Lewis has be corrected and his blog can now be accessed. Also Josh Diaz has been added. Please review these new blogs and help them get started with some comments this week!

Make an effort to comment to someone you haven’t commented to in the past, work on visiting everyone’s blog eventually. There is a lot of interesting reading and you can get to know your classmates this way.

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Networks and connections

October 13, 2007 3 comments

From the information age to the connected age: “The Information Age is the age of the knowledge worker. The Connected Age is the age of the web worker. Knowledge workers create and manage information, massaging it into intangible knowledge goods. Web workers create and manage relationships across knowledge goods, hardware, and people”.

This is an interesting comparison of roles with a specific emphasis on validating the information age and the knowledge workers that drive it and the connected workers who manage the integral nature of mashup of all the various information and knowledge products. It affirms both the network and connected.

Does this add to the understanding of the role of the interactive media designer, or confuse it. At this point it probably depends on the level at which one is networked or connected, for perhaps in the transition occurring the designer is involved in both roles. But this is an important distinction to consider as you move toward a career that is still shaping itself.