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Personal Portals

September 25, 2007 Leave a comment

Everyone in class is familiar with Netvibes as a personal portal. Some learners were having difficulty with Netvibes and certain browsers, so I promised a list of similar products for those of you interested in the concept of a portal, but not entirely well served by Netvibes.

The leading “competition” in my review would be the German “Pageflakes”. It has very similar AJAX based drag and create your page/tab section. They have an enormous supply of widgets and tools and ways of linking to your Pageflakes environment. There are some tools I had not seen in Netvibes, such as a Radio MP3 player which lets you tune in Internet radio among other things. It can play while you work of course, and there is every type of radio station on the Web that you would find anywhere. [] Another feature I like about Pageflakes is that they allow more and better page layout/skins capability.

I think the next best personal portal environment would be igoogle. It is a little stiff and the widgets are the same ol’ but of course Google does a great job at all this stuff and their products always work very well.

Two additional portals, Yahoo’s and Microsoft Live. Both are somewhat simple and plain, yet they share some basic concepts without a lot of extras. Another type of product that some may enjoy is a “desktop” application, that is capable of collecting anything live from the web. Three products stand out here with Zoho’s Desktop, Google’s Notebook, and Zude. Notebooks allow you to collect web-based items at will, and certainly could give us a personal portal collector of information and knowledge.

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