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Blogging and life

I have to admit that I get inspired when I see others find meaning for themselves. The responses to Stephen Downes article made me feel like I understood each of you a little better, that you were real, honest, and engaged in the process of getting started with blogging. I hope you all learn what you want to learn from your experiences. Anytime that we find a way to communicate what is withheld, we learn and grow. Disclosure of the self is a wonderful growth experience and I agree with several of you that blogging can become a rich process for your life.

When you consider that there are around 53 million bloggers in the US alone (don’t get attached to those figures – but do Google blogging + statistics if you want to get a handle on it) obviously people are getting something out of the experience. My guess is that it is calming down a bit and we may see less blogs but I think more quality as those who provide good information become the mainstay of this unique form of communication. The Horizon Report for 2007 places “User-Created Content” at the top of its list of technologies to watch and that it will in all likihood find broad adoption in higher education within the next year. They indicate that “small tools and easy access have opened the doors for almost anyone to become an author, a creator, or a filmmaker.”

We will be working in class next week to help each other develop a plan for our blogs, using some of the concepts that Downes offers and some tools for planning. So bring your excitement and your ideas and let’s work to make it a reality for each of us.

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  1. rjlimdfund
    August 19, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    I am enjoying blogging, I have 3 different accounts going now. However, I’m not in front of the computer enough or I’m not checking in enough to really make blogging an efficent way of learning. I feel like we are in the toddler stage of techonology walking; learning how to walk is difficult. Putting one foot in front of the other, but when you see all you can experience. It compells you to move forward faster.

  2. webstuff2
    August 19, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    I’m glad you are enjoying the blogging experience Ryan. It is a special type of experience when you understand that you have a way of being who you are and that you have a voice in the world. Be patient as it does take time to get others to see your work. Like any effort it takes some time and understanding how to “market” your site to find others that have similar interests.

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