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Exporting OPML files from Newsgator

July 30, 2007 Leave a comment
Courtesy of NewsGator FAQ:

INF: How to export your subscriptions (OPML) from NewsGator Online

The information in this article applies to:

  • NewsGator Online Services


  • Login to NewsGator Online
  • Click My Settings
  • Click Edit Locations
  • Under the NewsGator Web Edition Location, click OPML
  • Select Expose OPML to all users
  • Click Save Changes
  • Click OPML once more
  • Click on the OPML URL link
  • In your browser, select File | Save as
  • Rename the saved file as newsgator.opml*

*If using FireFox as your browser, be sure to change the Save as type to “Web Page, complete”

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Week 2 Summary

July 16, 2007 Leave a comment

The following changes to the week 2 assignments page on the web site ( were made today:

1. Added links for assignments to read: “A Recipe for learning web design” and “Personal Learning Environments”.

2. Added a link to a word document containing notes on todays class session: “Weblogs, content aggregators, and info trapping”. The link will allow you to download this lecture material.

3. Added Vincent Nunez’s weblog to the blogroll on this site.

Remember, the assignment is to respond to the PLE article in your blog, and then comment to at least three others in the class, and to add at least 3 subscriptions to your aggregator about Personal Learning Environments.

Also, in your blogs, please “write post” for your assignments, not “write page”. Copy and paste any pages you meant to be under posts.

Enjoy the new toys tools! (I knew there was a good reason for strikethru!)

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Introduction to Fundamentals of IMD

July 9, 2007 Leave a comment

This course will emerse us in using social software and social networking which helps us to communicate with each other as well as experience some of the most important aspects of the web and communication. We will also focus on “learning how to learn” in a digital sense, with the use of these and other tools for learning more efficiently. Welcome to the course!

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Links to class weblogs

July 9, 2007 Leave a comment

The blogroll links for all class participants is now active and all are working. See blogroll at the right side of this site. Visit each others sites and comment anytime you see something new, get involved in what blogging is about!

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